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Rom Hack Roundup: Super Mario 64 Star Road

Twenty years ago this month, the first 3D Super Mario game made its way to North America. Although it was by no means the first 3D video game, Super Mario 64 – the flagship title for the Nintendo 64 – was one of the most comprehensive and immersive 3D platformers up to this point. For many of us, it was the beginning of a new era of console games.


This week, we are taking a look at an amazing N64 romhack; Super Mario 64 Star Road that not only adds new levels and features, but also adds multiplayer support.

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Rom Hack Round Up: Original Games Created From Rom Hacks

In the week’s Romhack Round Up, we take a look at three impressive romhacks that go above and beyond the basic “alternate version of your favorite game.” These three games are essentially original titles built on the engines of tried and true classic game titles.


This week, we will look at one NES series and one SNES game that can stand on their own as original works. As usual, our romhack patching tutorial will help you get up and running with these great games.

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Rom Hack Roundup: SNES Fan-translated English RPGs Part II

This week’s Rom Hack Roundup has two excellent and innovative RPGs for the SNES. Last week, we looked at Square’s lost 90s output and today we look at two of Enix’s greatest works that never made it to North America. These two companies were console RPG mammoths in Japan and they created some of the most beautiful and engrossing games on the SNES.

Although these games never came out on the SNES in North America, some dedicated Rom hackers have translated the script so you can play them without learning Japanese. Read on and check them out!

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Two New NES Consoles Are Just Around the Corner

Two exciting updates for the world of retro-gamers are just around the corner. In fact, you can pre-order one of them now and may be playing it in less than two months. Check out these innovative new consoles that are coming down the line, one from Nintendo and one from RetroUSB.

Nintendo Classic MINI NES

Release date: November 2016

Price: $59.99

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 2.39.39 PM

The Nintendo Classic Mini NES is an official new console from Nintendo. What looks like a little baby NES has no cartridge slot but features 30 classic games built in and also has HD output and letter boxing options for high-res display. It also has temporary saves, which is a nice addition to some of these long classic games that previously had no save/continue features. The list of games is basically the top 30 games you’d want to have for Nintendo, including both Zelda games, Final Fantasy, Mega Man 2, StarTropics, Super C and more.


Release date: Preorder Now / September 2016

Price: $185.00

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 1.40.33 PM

This awesome piece of hardware does NOT use emulation. This means it’s audio and video is far more faithful to the original NES than things like the Retron5 or handheld emulators. This also means the more unconventional games will work just fine. It also has HDMI out with expansion audio and specific ports for Famicom or NES games. All this plus built-in game genie, variable display options and – possibly the most impressive – it supports all peripherals, even the Power Glove – it’s so bad!