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CUTMAN’s Epic Thanksgiving 2012 Sales!

This year, I’m so thankful for the opportunities I’ve had to introduce people to the music, and for all those who’ve shared their music with me. It’s been a transitional year for me, moving to Philadelphia, playing more shows then ever, and I’ve had the amazing honor to start my own label with some of musicians I admire the most. To celebrate, I’ve prepared some epic discounts, and have a new album preped for release soon. Use the social media buttons at the bottom of this post to share the sales with your friends, it’s only for very limited time…


Every album on the Dj CUTMAN Music Store
is name-your-price!



GameChops albums are 50% off

with code THANKYOU2012!

And to top it all off, I’ll be releasing a new EP on Sunday created from samples of the hardware music from my new favorite thing, the Wii U. Watch for it on Sunday!

A huge thank you form everyone who’s supported me this year by paying for a download, coming out to a show, or reading this blog. I’m truly grateful for each and every one of you. Feel free to use the buttons below the post to share these sales with your friends. Enjoy the music!


Fancy Jacket Weather

A bit late on this post, but this season is just getting started. I released a new mix recently, a progressive set of chiptune, trap, electro and house music. I thought of the changing weather, starting out the mix with hot tracks from the end of summer, gradulating moving up in tempo and down in energy. It kind of reminds me of the cold fronts of air blowing in. Some of the chiptune tracks are from none other than Brandon L Hood’s Chiptunes=WIN compilations, which I mastered, so I had the good fortune of working with the uncompressed tracks. Truth be told, the Electric Children and Skip Cloud tracks contained within this mix are exclusive, i remastered them to specificly suit their place in the mix.

Fancy Jacket Weather is downloadable on Soundcloud and streamable on Mixcloud. Remember to follow if you have an account.

Time to bust out your favorite coat, it’s Fancy Jacket Weather.

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A New Mix by Dj Cutman: Live at MAGFest X

It’s finally here. The set performed live at the tenth annual Music and Gaming Festival. This is no joke. Electro Techno Chiptune Moombah Dubstep. Charge up your lasers. Equip your stompin’ boots. Hope you’ve been level grinding because this mix is a like a supernova dinosaur from beyond the stars.

No, but seriously. This mix is celebrating the return of MAGFest, the best part of the whole goddamn year. A four day, non-stop video game and concert extravaganza, MAGFest is a place unlike any other on the planet. No website could do justice to the experience, but this one is a start.

Live at MAGFest X is a diverse set of some my old favorites, and new material I’ve been collecting and creating over the past twelve months. Download for free on Soundcloud or stream below.

Dj CUTMAN Remixes Deadmau5, Help Him Get Heard!

Yesterday created this remix and entered it into the Deadmau5 Remix Contest. Click here to listen to the remix and click VOTE.

I’ve also made the remix downloadable via Soundcloud if you’d like to listen to it after the contest ends. The deadline for votes is June 13th, so vote now!