Powerglove Shows us How to Make Music with Guitar Hero Controller

Turn your Guitar Hero controller into a synth instrument! It’s not as hard as you might think. And your old friend Powerglove will show you how!

You’ll need the following:

Guitar Hero Controller

Ps2 to Usb Converter:

Nostromo Gamepad or other game controller with buttons
Here’s the newer version:

A computer with Direct X

Visual Studio (or SharpDevelop):

Some programming knowledge

Guitar Pro (or another midi program, or just a sample set of notes):

effects and an amp (optional)

Have fun, and check out Powerglove while you’re at it:

8-Bit VST Plug-ins (Make Chiptunes Now!)

Yesterday I discovered this awesome directory of Chiptune samples, continuing my quest this morning I ran across this post on 8bitcollective detailing a number of VST plug-ins that emulate and recreate classic chiptune sounds! Many of these plug-ins are free, so you can download them and load them into your favorite music making program and start chipping out! I made this piece last night with The Magical 8bit Plug-In. Wow there are a ton of links in this post.

Chiptune Samples for Music Makers

I recently downloaded Nanoloop for my new iPad, in a quest to find a quick and fun way to make chippy kind of beats. I’m traveling to Germany this summer and I don’t want to bring my whole rig, but I definitly want a way to write music. Well, if you haven’t used Nanoloop, I suggest you check it out, it’s a supremely cool micromusic maker (6 tracks, each with one synth or sampler) and the interface on the iPhone/iPad is simply amazing.

What’s more amazing then any particular sequencing software, is this page I ran across today while searching for Chipmusic samples to load into Nanoloop. It holds a wealth of links to chiptune samples, and a ton of them are free. If you’re looking to make chiptune or chip inspired music and don’t know where your old gameboy is, this site will help you out.