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More info on the Mysterious MK Short

The new Mortal Kombat short film totally rules. Horrorbid posted this article recently that gives a bit of insight into the short film’s creation. IMDB has a “Mortal Kombat” movie listed for 1013, so it looks like this film may be happening. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out now.

Here’s an awesome collection of MK Fatalities because why not.

A Classical Rendition of Mario Gangsterness

This shit is gangster in a whole new degree. I want to make up a word like classical-gangster but classical music is actually a time period not a style of music, so it wouldn’t really be an accurate portmanteau. A portmanteau is like a Mash-Up with words. Woah, knowledge dropping outta nowhere. Enough talk. Here’s the vid.

Gangsariocal. There I did it. Thanks to Chance Fisher for the link.

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Mortal Kombat (Holy Shit!)

If I can use the word “literally” figurativly, I literally shit all over the room when I saw this video. Someone is actually trying to make a bad-ass Mortal Kombat movie. This short film was released with no credits as a pitch for a reimagined Mortal Kombat film.