Chiptune Daft Punk “Something About Us” by Dj CUTMAN

Art by SudarioJust released a new remix I’ve been working on for the past few days. An 8-bit re-imagined version of “Something About Us” from Daft Punk’s album “Discovery,” possibly one of my favorite electronic albums of all time. Something about the way Daft Punk incorporated vocals into this album really stuck with me, and when a friend of mine did a hip-hop remix of this tune I knew I had to follow suit, taking it in a different direction.

The mix is available on Bandcamp.

I slowed the track down from the original, and utalized a very fun plug-in called The Magical 8-bit PlugIn, engineered by Japanese band YMCK. It’s simple controls allowed me to explore the most basic of the chiptune sounds (square, triangle, pulse and noise waves) while giving me freedom to focus on the mix and arrangement of the piece.

The total song is 16 tracks, 8 Chiptune tracks, 6 Sample tracks (for drums and vocals) and 2 sends for compression (to thicken the drums) and delay. I used Waves L1 and The Glue to master. A simpler mastering chain than I normally use, because I was going for a more authentic chiptune sound. Those true chip enthusiasts out there would criticize that this isn’t a “Chiptune” because this mix could never have come out of a single sound chip. But if you know me, I’m a production junkie. Screw the rules, man, I’m making music!

Something About Us [8-Bit Daft Punk Remix] by Dj CUTMAN

The track is also available from Bandcamp, for those who wish to support or just download it in a high quality format. The FLAC version sounds awesome (if I do say so myself :) You can also follow Dj CUTMAN on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud.

The art was created by Sudario from Brazil.

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