Chiptune Greatness from CasePortman: Samurai Blitz OST

Browsing Bandcamp for new chiptunes and video game music is quickly becoming one of my favorite pastimes, even if it is technically work-related… regardless, today I’ve got quite a gem of a soundtrack to share with you! Samurai Blitz is a mobile runner / platformer / hack n’ slash hybrid with beautiful pixel artwork and fantastic music. Kick back and take a listen to the OST right here:

CasePortman Music has done a great job capturing the feel of retro video game soundtracks, while adding some slight “upgrades” here and there to modernize the experience. Most notably: the realistic drum kit samples bring a more current feeling to the soundtrack, and do well to complement the familiar “beeps and boops” that we’ve all come to know and love.

Every track’s strength is truly in its composition however, with strong melodies and well-crafted backing parts and chords to bring everything home. Each song is a mixture of toe-tapping rhythm and riffs, with extremely memorable, hummable melodies to round out the sound. Personally, I couldn’t find a single song I didn’t enjoy, and if you’re a fan of video game music or chiptunes in general I’m certain you’ll find something here to love.

Perhaps most impressively, the core genres and styles on the album vary quite a bit within the chiptune framework. From rock to pop, chilled-out jazz to funk, there’s a lot going on to display CasePortman’s versatility as a composer. Even through all these different styles, the strengths in composition and melody remain a constant. Really great stuff! Oh, as a side note, there are some cute, charming song titles as well. Personal favorites include “Do You Know How to Run Left?” and “Today Was a Good Day” (my favorite tune on the album). Also noteworthy: one of the songs has a cat meowing in it:

How could you possibly go wrong? Bottom line: excellently composed music, great chiptune sound design, and unique drums complement the wide spread of genres and perfectly fit the aesthetic of the game. Highly recommended.

You can get Samurai Blitz on iOS, and be sure to grab the soundtrack on Bandcamp for only $1 (or more)! You can follow CasePortman Music on Soundcloud and Twitter.

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