Corset Lore’s debut album released on 8static

Corest Lore CoverPhiladelphia chiptune label 8static just released Corset Lore’s debut album on Bandcamp.

Tamara Yadao, now known as Corset Lore, has released six LSDJ tracks recorded on a DMG-01 Gameboy. Track 5 uses two Gameboys and LSDJ for expanded instrumentation. The EP was mixed and mastered by Chris Burke of 8bitpeoples, and the sound is fantastic. Clean, clear gameboy chiptunes, can’t get much better than that. The music is as creative as it is powerful.

Tamara is a New York City based Chiptune musician releasing with Philadelphia chipmusic label 8static.

The album is available from Follow Corset Lore on Facebook.

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