[ Dimensons ] by Auxcide

2720227406-1I first encountered Auxcide shortly after the initial ChipWIN compilation released last summer (has it really  almost been a year already?!?).  The chiptune prowess of both his Pxl-Bot compilation submission & debut album “Of Atoms and Stardust”  impressed me so much that it garnered one of my earlier Friday Freakout reviews (which I miss the fire out of doing, but no time lately!!). Since then Bryan has continued to further develop and grow his artistry into what I feel is one of the premier voices of modern chipmusic. His latest release [ Dimensions ] also via Pxl-Bot (a stellar team-up imho!) is as strong a proof of this opinion as I could possibly even dream to reference. It is straight-up, no hyperbole whatsoever one of the supernova brightest shining examples of the current chipscene.

Seriously, anyone who listens to this & still honestly thinks chiptune is dead can go f*ck a duck.

Much \m||m/ as always,

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