DJ Nerd42 – Deltron 3742

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Deltron 3742 is a sequel to DJ Nerd42’s “Chrono Tied” (2009) which combines the lyrics of Deltron 3030 (2000) over beats made from sampling the Final Fantasy VII soundtrack. (1997) The album explores the concept of a dystopian future (much like the game does) from the point of view of an underground resistance fighter named Deltron Zero. (portrayed by
Del tha Funkee Homosapien)

The album was produced by DJ Nerd42. All lyrics are from Deltron 3030, except that track 8 samples the chorus from Ronan Keating’s “Time After Time” and track 10 samples Nickelodeon cartoons.

Most of the instrumentals came from Lost Perception or The Specialist. The instrumental on track 9 is from DJ Green Lantern, Prinz and Kool G Rap – “We G’z” from Alive on Arrival, Team Invasion 2006. The instrumental of track 1 was produced by DJ Nerd42 by sampling the album, “Distant Worlds; Music from Final Fantasy.” download

Track list:
01. Deltron 3030 Bombing Mission (beat by DJ Nerd42) 04:49
02. Birth of Things You Can Do (beat by Lost Perception) 03:14
03. Anxious Contact (beat by The Specialist) 03:56
04. One Winged Virus (beat by Lost Perception) 03:11
05. Cid’s Upgrade (beat by Lost Perception) 03:43
06. Aerith the Mastermind (beat by Lost Perception) 02:17
07. Midgar Madness (beat by The Specialist) 04:01
08. Cry of Time (beat by Lost Perception) 04:45
09. Random Battlesong (beat by DJ Green Lantern) 04:19
10. Love Strife (beat by Lost Perception) 02:39
11. Turks Loss (beat by The Specialist) 03:49
12. Deltron 3030 Bombing Mission Instrumental (Bonus Track – DJ Nerd42) 04:49

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