Earthbound Tunes!

Hey I’ve got some YouTube videos for you! First is a brand new GameChop put together early this morning, as requested, a tough-as-nails remix of the goofy-ass Mr. Saturn theme song. It’s fun and a half! I’m sorry…. and you’re welcome.

Next up is a pretty dope track by the Famous Rock Candy collab! Check it, and if you like, download the album!

So can you tell I’ve been playing Earthbound lately? Originally known as Mother 2 in Japan, Earthbound is a RPG for the SNES that’s surprisingly humorous and self-referentially for the time it was released. I really like AUTO-WINNING battles if your level is high enough. Really cuts through the fat of level grinding (and my life) Lets end this post with my first Earthbound GameChop:

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