Friday Freakout: ABSRDST’s new album = ABSRD!!!

To start things off,  I promise to try my damnedest not  to make any “ABSRD” puns throughout the duration of this article, as I’ve already met my quota this week. ;3 It’s going to be really, really  hard for me to hold to that, I’ll admit (I love being punny ;3 ), but I promise to try my best. Possibly. Maybe. I guess. We’ll see…

WUTEHFUKEVAR!!  Time for the most ABSRD  Friday Freakout EVAR!!!

Sugar Blossom and the Space Cadets

I’ve been a big fan of Eric ByrnesSeaking’s Seaglass  chipradio show for awhile now. Hell, I even went on it a little while back (before the Expansion Pack released) to chat it up with Eric about ChipWIN. Was good times! ^_^ That said, one of my favorite things about the show is how Eric always seems to find a way to introduce me to some EXCELLENT  new chipmusic each time I tune in. And man oh MAN  was this last Tuesday afternoon with ABSRDST EVER  a good example of that!!!

Sugar Blossom and the Space Cadets” consists of 12+ (bonus tracks FTW~) incredible, super  funky, spacetastic, electronic chippy jams engineered masterfully for the explicit purpose of bringing extraordinary amounts of pleasure to your earholes, and HOLY FURKIN ZOMBOCON does it ever deliver!!!  Such an amalgam of wonderful musical stylings and soundscapes as well! Can go from one track having a crazy, funktastic space rave vibe to the next being an ethereal mood piece reminiscent of floating around lost in the cosmos. This album is another instant favorite  for me, EASILY.  Track #4, “Loss of Loved Ones”, may be one of my favorite chiptracks, PERIOD.  There’s a hauntingly beautiful vibe to it that gives me goosebumps ASA I hear that first arp. -shudders- GOOD STUFF.

Seriously, I cannot suggest strongly enough that you immediately  go experience this STELLAR  chipalbum for yourself. Listen to it, & then promptly download it, FOR FREE  if you must. Although if at all possible pay the dude something  for the release, as this album truly DESERVES TEH MONIES.  If nothing else, you can at least help me share it to the ends of the intertoobs and back!! Dude deserves more exposure. It’s just that simple.
And dare I suggest that you keep an eye and a pair of ears out for this guy as the days roll on. If he keeps making music like this, things are going to get far more ABSRD  than you can even begin to fathom.


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