Get Ready For The Force Awakens With Some Classic Star Wars Gaming

It’s less than 50 days until the long awaited Star Wars: The Force Awakens comes out. It’s time to revisit the movies and some of the brilliant video games based on the original trilogy and the world that they created. Here’s some classics the writers here at recommend. You should take the time to try them out today!

The SNES Star Wars Trilogy (SNES)


The SNES games do great justice to the action sequences of Star Wars games and do a great job of capturing the epic music of the movies. You get to play as various characters and visit all of the major locations from the movies with multiple modes of game play.  I especially enjoy the mode 7 ship piloting levels, including that final intense escape from the Death Star interior.

Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II (PC)


Jedi Knights: Dark Forces II and its sequel are excellent first person shooters with a killer atmospheric soundtrack in the style of John Williams. This game really “feels” like Star Wars. The player vs player mode is also classic. It’s pretty fun using the force to repel attacks and fly across the levels. The story sequences also have some great voice acting.

Knights of the Old Republic (PC/Xbox/iPad)


Knights recalls the classic Star Wars pen and paper RPG by Wizards of the Coast. You can resolve issues by hacking a computer, using Jedi mind tricks or just coming in with two blasters blazing. You can chose to persue the light or dark side and these decisions impact the plot and ending of the game. Knights of the Old Republic visits some of the most iconic locations from the Star Wars novels – like the forested Wookie home world Kashyyk and the ruins of the ancient Sith empire  – but long before any of the events of the films. You can even build your own light sabers. The story is so good it deserves to be a movie, and there’s a crazy plot twist that you’ll never see coming!

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron (N64)


The Rogue Squadron games let you pilot fan-favorite starships from the Star Wars universe like the X-wing, Millenium Falcon, TIE Fighters, as well as some secret ships like a flying version of a 1969 Buick Elektra 225.

The game’s main gameplay is divided into missions for a single character, assisted by A.I. teammates, to complete. These missions, mostly, are in A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. They handle both scenes from the movie, like the battle for Hoth or the Death Star trench run, as well as original missions written for the game.

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