Handheld SNES

Video Game Accessory maker and wholesaler HyperKin is creating a hand held system that plays SNES cartridges. On top of that, it features two ports for the use of real Super Nintendo controllers, a huge plus for the old school gaming fanatic. The device is known as the SupaBoy and is due for a release soon. The console features:

+ Plays all American SNES cartridges, not PAL or Japanese

+ Weighs 318g

+ 3.5 inch LCD screen

+ A/V sterio output to hook up to a television

+ Two Super Nintendo controller ports on the device to play with friends

Hyperkin is the same company that made my personally favorite possession, the Retron3, a hybrid system that plays regular NES, SNES and Sega Genesis games. I bought mine through Amazon.

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