Joshua Morse – Waveform 3

Chiptune funk fusion at its finest, Joshua Morse brings us Waveform 3, an album that defies my ability to put it into words.

A distinct chiptune atmosphere surrounds each neatly arranged and thoughtfully instrumented piece. I particularly love Joshua’s use of delay, taking traditional chiptune sounds and adding a depth and and breadth that wouldn’t have been possible through old hardware alone. A unique album most certainly worth a listen, and definintly worth a download at name-your-own-price.

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3 thoughts on “Joshua Morse – Waveform 3”

  1. LOVE. THIS. FUNKY. GOODNESS!!!! \m|♥|m/ Was seriously considering doing a write-up of it myself at some point in the near future. THANX FOR SAVIN ME TEH TROUBLES BRO! 8)

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