Label Spotlight: GameChops – Video Game Remixes

Founded in 2012, GameChops has become the world’s largest video game remix label. GameChops was started by Chris Davidson, a.k.a. Dj CUTMAN, in an effort to create a platform for licensed video game remixes.

Dj CUTMAN saw that there wasn’t a reliable way to release video game remixes while giving money back to both the composers and the remixers, so he began his own label to provide this service. Starting off small and completely on his own, CUTMAN built his label from the ground up.

GameChops offers high-quality dance music through their distributor, Loudr. Loudr acts as a licensor to ensure that the royalties are received by the copyright holder of the original music. They also offer a “Get Loudr” feature for almost every release that provides discounts for buying multiple albums or singles related to that release.

With a sizable list of artists that write in many different styles, and many different featured game soundtracks, one is sure to find something they really enjoy on GameChops.

Visit for awesome video game remixes, or check out the music on YouTube, Soundcloud and Spotify.

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