Marshall Art’s Prog-Rock Covers Collection “Gallery” Out Now

The 5-year international collaboration between Jeff “jmr” Roberts of Canada and Mikhail “streifig” Ivanov of Russia has brought us some of the best video game prog rock ever. You may have seen them at MAGFest or 8Static Festival in the past or heard their various contributions to numerous cover albums. Check out their covers collection of some less common, but excellent video game tracks.

Their latest release “Gallery” is a collection of these contributions from games you know and love like Ecco the Dolphin, Undertale, Chrono Trigger and many more. There are even some more obscure covers such as the Sega Megadrive game Shura No Mon and some non-game covers as well. All songs are treated to a NES style backing with lovely prog-rocky guitars over top.

marshall art

Some cuts of note are “Eccos” from Echo the Dolphin and “Party at Lab 16” which puts a bluesy spin on the swingy track from Chrono Trigger. The band must be a huge fan of the “future” era in Chrono Trigger as you get two great covers from that section of the SNES classic’s soundtrack. Also included is a live track from 8Static Festival in 2015. You can even pick up a limited edition cassette version of the album. This album definitely will be in regular rotation in my driving and writing playlists as it really hits the spot for a variety of moods. Pick up your copy today.

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