Nelward’s Fantastic Funky Video Game Remixes

Okay, you might not know this about me: I love video game music. Like, a lot. Personally, I never get tired of hearing new versions of classic tunes, and I also fully support the blatant overuse of video game sound effects and voice clips in any situation. So, it is my absolute delight to introduce you to Nelward. He’s just recently released the creatively-titled Remixes for name-your-price on Bandcamp, and it’s great. Do yourself a favor and listen up:

There is a distinct flavor to Nelward’s style throughout this collection, but at the same time every track manages to feel unique. Not just because they are different songs from different video games; no, each track also stands out in terms of sound design and general effect.  Though minimal, Nelward’s choices in soundscape and ambiance seem to be just enough to leave you wanting more, but the songs end up feeling complete in a deeper way. Like a fine dessert, each track leaves you not full but satisfied, already looking back on your meal as a pleasant memory.

If I may analyze the album a bit more objectively: Nelward’s vibes are chill, nostalgic and a bit trippy. Perfect for late-night coding / homework / music review writing! Remixes also covers lots of ground across gaming history: From a SNES-rock demake of Splatoon featuring K.K. Slider (yes you read that right), back to Earthbound and Zelda. Be on the lookout for other video game tunes to join the party too, because there are plenty of theme cameos that push things into medley / mashup territory. Delicious. If you enjoy video game music and remixers like Dj CUTMAN, you owe yourself the pleasure of taking a break and listening to Nelward’s Remixes.

BOTTOM LINE: Fun and funky with the perfect amount of chiptune goodness. A worthy companion for any retro gamer. Highly recommended.

Get Remixes (name-your-price) on Bandcamp, and seriously consider giving Nelward some bucks for his hard work. You can also support Nelward on YouTube, Twitter, and Soundcloud.

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