New 1xLSDj mix from Electric Children – Ambien

Electric Children brings us a new continuous Chiptune mix performed on a the Nintendo Gameboy. He writes:

Another 1xLSDJ Mix for you to enjoy. As the title implies, this mix is much tighter, more focused, and more coherent than the first-Like ambien for an insomniac.

And enjoy we do. Electric Children is showing us what it means to be a Video Game DJ, mixing a collection of songs on original game hardware. It’s so cool it makes me blog (no joke). Wait, that was a joke. Was it? I really blogged myself into corner here.

Support this artist by heading over to his Bandcamp and picking up his albums, I Am and You Are.

Track list:
1. Ambien
2. Smiletron-Microcosmic (EC Makes You Think Remix)
3. Castlevania-Stalker (EC Holy Water Version)
4. Electric Children’s a Sap
5. Peter Bjorn and John-Young Folks (EC 8bit Arrange Version)

Ambien by Electric_Children

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