New Zelda Remixes From dj-Jo Will Melt Your Triforce

November has passed, and for YouTube that means the end of Zelda Month. GameChops veteran and anime superstar dj-Jo was no exception to the celebration, releasing two new Zelda remixes that are utterly fantastic. I’ve gathered them here for your enjoyment:

The first remix is a banging take on “Great Fairy’s Fountain”, which has appeared in many, many Zelda games in the past. The remix itself has a distinct, refreshing future bass style, with hints of Jersey club and trap mixed in. Overall the effect is great! with Jo’s signature EDM synth sound, some drum & bass influence, and a great synth solo, it will definitely leave you satisfied… or perhaps wanting more? Don’t fret, check out his next remix right here:

This time drawing from Majora’s Mask, on the final day of November Jo released this beast of a remix. Opening with a very spooky introduction, and transitioning into a piano-driven orchestral build succeeds in driving home the dire tone of the song, and the game itself. In his usual form, Jo ends up taking things in a more aggressive route, utilizing thick synths and emotional composition to elevate the mood, and finally climaxing with a HUGE drop that draws from hardstyle, hard trance, and classic electro sounds. Extremely tasty.

dj-Jo has been remixing for 3 years, so celebrate his anniversary by subscribing to his YouTube channel. You can (and should) follow dj-Jo on Twitter, Facebook, and Soundcloud.

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