Smithsonian – The Art of Video Games

The Smithsonian Museum of American Art is holding an exhibit on the art of video games, from the early 1970s all the way up until today. Five eras of video game graphics, from the dawn of the video game, to 8-bit, through the 16-bit “Bit Wars” era, transition to 3D graphics and up until today. The exhibit runs from March 16th, 2012 to September 30th, 2012.

The Art of Video Games is one of the first exhibitions to explore the forty-year evolution of video games as an artistic medium, with a focus on striking visual effects and the creative use of new technologies. It features some of the most influential artists and designers during five eras of game technology, from early pioneers to contemporary designers. The exhibition focuses on the interplay of graphics, technology and storytelling through some of the best games for twenty gaming systems ranging from the Atari VCS to the PlayStation 3. Eighty games, selected with the help of the public, demonstrate the evolution of the medium.
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