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Castlevania Chiptunes from Mega Flare – Hunter

Today we’ve got a new release from Baltimore based chiptune musician Mega Flare. This time he turns his focus to the dark melodies of Castlevania. Using his Nintendo Gameboy running LSDj, Mega Flare collaborated with Dj CUTMAN to record each channel of the Gameboy’s sound-chip separately to mix them using Ableton Live. The result are two huge chiptune tracks with massive bass-lines and crystal clear leads. You can hear the influence of Baltimore’s clubs in Mega Flare’s drum programming. Download Hunter on Loudr or iTunes.

Download Hunter on Loudr or iTunes.

Storm Blooper – Jawn-Dis

a2062488649_10The debute EP from Philadelphia chiptune musician Storm Blooper is here. Jawn-Dis is five tracks written with LSDJ for the Nintendo Gameboy. Two tracks feature “2xLSDJ”, two gameboys synced running their own copies of the software.

The Nintendo Gameboy has four distinct sound channels, two Pulse channels for melody, one 4-bit sample channel known as WAV, and one for Noise sounds like hihats and cymbals. By running 2xLSDJ, a song can be expanded to 8 channels, something Storm Blooper does remarkably well.

Stream and Download Jawn-Dis from 8static‘s bandcamp page now. Follow Storm Blooper on Facebook and Twitter, and support a ChipMusician today!

New 1xLSDj mix from Electric Children – Ambien

Electric Children brings us a new continuous Chiptune mix performed on a the Nintendo Gameboy. He writes:

Another 1xLSDJ Mix for you to enjoy. As the title implies, this mix is much tighter, more focused, and more coherent than the first-Like ambien for an insomniac.

And enjoy we do. Electric Children is showing us what it means to be a Video Game DJ, mixing a collection of songs on original game hardware. It’s so cool it makes me blog (no joke). Wait, that was a joke. Was it? I really blogged myself into corner here.

Support this artist by heading over to his Bandcamp and picking up his albums, I Am and You Are.

Track list:
1. Ambien
2. Smiletron-Microcosmic (EC Makes You Think Remix)
3. Castlevania-Stalker (EC Holy Water Version)
4. Electric Children’s a Sap
5. Peter Bjorn and John-Young Folks (EC 8bit Arrange Version)

Ambien by Electric_Children