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Auxcide releases two new chiptune albums on 8Static (Philadelphia)

8Static has been Philadelphia’s premier chipmusic event for the past five years, but things have really been ramping up in the past few months. Piggybacking on the success of their first 8Static Festival, the grassroots group have been quietly building a label of some of the best and most diverse chipmusic the east-coast chiptune scene has to offer.

This week chipmusician and multi-instrumentalist Auxcide released not one but two new chiptune albums with 8static. Pixel and Speck are two electronic, experimental and danceable albums containing both original tunes and awesome cover songs. Check them out at the players below, and support your local chipmusician!

Corset Lore’s debut album released on 8static

Corest Lore CoverPhiladelphia chiptune label 8static just released Corset Lore’s debut album on Bandcamp.

Tamara Yadao, now known as Corset Lore, has released six LSDJ tracks recorded on a DMG-01 Gameboy. Track 5 uses two Gameboys and LSDJ for expanded instrumentation. The EP was mixed and mastered by Chris Burke of 8bitpeoples, and the sound is fantastic. Clean, clear gameboy chiptunes, can’t get much better than that. The music is as creative as it is powerful.

Tamara is a New York City based Chiptune musician releasing with Philadelphia chipmusic label 8static.

The album is available from 8static.bandcamp.com. Follow Corset Lore on Facebook.

Storm Blooper – Jawn-Dis

a2062488649_10The debute EP from Philadelphia chiptune musician Storm Blooper is here. Jawn-Dis is five tracks written with LSDJ for the Nintendo Gameboy. Two tracks feature “2xLSDJ”, two gameboys synced running their own copies of the software.

The Nintendo Gameboy has four distinct sound channels, two Pulse channels for melody, one 4-bit sample channel known as WAV, and one for Noise sounds like hihats and cymbals. By running 2xLSDJ, a song can be expanded to 8 channels, something Storm Blooper does remarkably well.

Stream and Download Jawn-Dis from 8static‘s bandcamp page now. Follow Storm Blooper on Facebook and Twitter, and support a ChipMusician today!

Anamanaguchi live on Late Night Jimmy Fallon

It is with great pride I post this embed code. Anamanaguchi the four-piece chiptune rock band from Brooklyn played a featured set on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. These hard-working dudes recently became Kickstarter’s most successful band and deserve all the success they’ve seen. I recently got to see them in Philadelphia with the show they put on with 8static, it was awesome. Check out the video below

Check out a version with better audio on Kotaku.