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Anamanaguchi live on Late Night Jimmy Fallon

It is with great pride I post this embed code. Anamanaguchi the four-piece chiptune rock band from Brooklyn played a featured set on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. These hard-working dudes recently became Kickstarter’s most successful band and deserve all the success they’ve seen. I recently got to see them in Philadelphia with the show they put on with 8static, it was awesome. Check out the video below

Check out a version with better audio on Kotaku.

Anamanaguchi – Endless Fantasy

ENDLESS FANTASY - DIGITAL COVER ARTAnamanaguchi has certainly made a name for themselves in the world of chiptunes. I doubt many would argue that they are one of the biggest chiptune/rock bands out there. With their latest 22-song release, paid for by the fans themselves via Kickstarter and not involving any record label, Anamanaguchi is showing just how versatile and dynamic they really are.

If you’ve heard their previous releases, you’re familiar with their fun Weezeresque-rock + NES lead instrumental sound. It’s fun, upbeat and always full of suprises. The Scott Pilgrim Vs The World: The Game soundtrack expanded the pallete to using Gameboy sounds and a bit more “video game” styled songs.

However, this time around, on Endless Fantasy the guitars have taken the back seat for the first half of the album. You might be in for a shock at how danceable this album is. Live drums and guitars have been dialed down for great chiptune sounds and vocal samples that might remind you more of Daft Punk than Weezer. Tracks like Prom Night and Japan Air feature guest vocals and could easily be played on the radio next to the latest electro single. It might not be what everyone was expecting from them, but its hard to deny how great it all sounds.

And don’t worry, the guitars do make a come back on the second half. Spf 420 and the obvious Weezer-homage titles In the Basement and Space Wax America are classic Anamanaguchi goodness that will make you smile. Every track is full of suprises and you’ll surely find your own personal favorite amongst all the variety. This is their most professional sounding album to date, and I’d suspect any fan of VGM or Chiptune will find something they like here.

Buy Endless Fantasy on iTunes!

The music video for Meow!

Friday Freakout: Vacation Wasteland EP by Slime Girls

Oh the joy of the pleasant surprise. Honestly, one of my favorite things about Chiptune is how a brand new artist that you’ve never heard of before can just come blasting onto the scene with a killer album out of fuggin’ nowhere. Case in point:

Vacation Wasteland

by Slime Girls

Seriously, I was just chilling in Areciboradio.com‘s chatroom during Obtuse’s 8 Bit Power Hour chiptune show (Man, did we throw an awesome listening party for the Chiptunes = WIN compilation there or what?!? \m|♥|m/ ;D ) when he up and decided to play a few Slime Girls tracks and completely blow my mind.  Nothing I had ever heard or heard of  before. So I did what any self respecting nerd would do: I googled ’em. And was very happy with what I found. To borrow a few words from Pterodactyl Squad, the netlabel that released their EP a few days ago:

“Bright blue pixellated waves lap against the pink sand as you quench your thirst on an ice cold cocktail. Over the gentle lull of the tide, you can hear the warm sounds of surf, ska, reggae and chip. You watch the musical notes float by. Slime Girls are playing in the distance and their debut EP is the chiptune soundtrack to your summer.”

Yeah, that pretty much sums ’em up. hahaha Sound somewhat like Anamanguchi and The Revengineers (soaring electric guitars, crashing drums, LSDJ leads & bass), but definitely have enough of their own sound to stand out; more of a surf rock/guitar sound than the aforementioned bands, which is something I could enjoy hearing a lot more of (well, that and Chipblues! GOD I LOVE CHIPBLUES~~ ).

So yeah, check ’em out when you get a chance. =) SAY FOR INSTANCE THIS MONDAY NIGHT AT THEIR LISTENING PARTY DURING THE NERDYJUNKFOOD SHOW ON ARECIBORADIO aka Listening Party Radio!!  Will be good times for sure, as it always is; and the more, the merrier, so come! And bring friends!! =D


Knife City’s debut EP

This is the first official (non-sucky ;) release for Knife City, aka Luke Silas. Drummer for chiptune-rock band Anamanaguchi and gameboy thrasher, Knife City brings high-impact dance music that you can’t help but get down to. This EP is five tracks, available from bandcamp for pay-what-you-want. Stream and download from the player below, and support this guy if you can!

More Knife City on Facebook and Bandcamp.