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Tettix – A New Challenger!

I’ve been reading through some of my old posts and realizing I need to be less excited and more coherent when I write on VideoGameDJ. So I think I’m doing good with this one, presented a Chiptune album by Tettix (formally known as Cicada). This album features prominate chiptunes artists Alex Mauer, Derris-Kharlan, Disasterpeace, Hélas Techne and Minusbaby for a rock solid street-fighter themed album. It’s a free download, so go get it!

DJ CUTMAN Presents: ChipTuneMusic vol. 1 – “Sounds from 20XX”

DJ CUTMAN, just released his first mixtape in the new series ChipTuneMusic, a tribute to the artists who create music from old computers and video game systems. The 25 tracks were collected from the online Chiptune communities 8BitCollective.org and 8BitPeoples.com, websites that offer all of their releases for free. The 70 minute “mixtape” takes you on a journey through the undeniably fun and relentlessly danceable sounds of a The ChipTuneMusic World.

ChipTuneMusic Volume 1

You can learn more about DJ CUTMAN at his website, www.DjCUTMAN.com