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Skrillex Plays DDR

I put together this mashup when I realized there were no goofy dubstep remixes of this classic Dance Dance Revolution track. It turned out more awesome than I expected! The source song is “Butterfly” by Smile.DK, and the backing track is Skrillex The Sadness Will Never End [Bring Me The Horizon]. I even made that cute pic of Skrilly and Deadmau5 playing DDR with art I found on google image search. Cute-tastic and dub-alicious.

Butterfly (Skrillex Plays DDR Mashup) by Dj CUTMAN

Electric Children – Insomniac

Sometimes our weakness can be an asset. Chipmusician Electric Children has been suffering from sleepless nights as of late, so it should come as no surprise that his latest released is titled Insomniac. It’s a 26 minute 1xLSDj mix. For those not attuned to the chiptuner’s lingo, that means this entire mix was played from a single Nintendo Gameboy.

This is what it means to be a Video Game DJ, in my eyes. For those of you who have seen me live you know I don’t go anywhere without my red macbook pro and kaoss pad. I really admire an artist who can create music like this from limited hardware. After all, that’s the art of the Chiptune, isn’t it?

Post a comment of what “Chiptune” means to you.

On to the mix:
Insomniac by Electric_Children

Get more Electric Children on Bandcamp.

Heath McNease – Straight Outta Console: The Nintendo Thumb Mixtape

Some fresh, free Nerdcore for ya from Heath McNease, “Straight Outta Console: The Nintendo Thumb Mixtape”

Produced by ForBeatsSake the tight album features a massive cast of rappers, including Playdough, Manchild, Freddie Bruno, KJ-52, Okwerdz (Grind Time), Cas Metah, Red Cloud, and Sivion. I’d write a more indepth review, but I’m only on track 2 and I felt compelled to post. No time to pause over here…

“This was a total labor of love on my part. I was filled with so much love and excitement while writing and conceiving this with ForBeatsSake. It’s the most excited I’ve been to write raps since i was a freshman in college,” McNease says. “I was able to talk about everything that I love in this world. Stupid cartoons, video games, politics, your mom… just anything and everything. And having the greatest talent around me on production, lyricism, and turntablism only made this more enjoyable. I wanted to give this away for free just to show my fans and supporters how much I truly love them and care for them. I want to be a part of their lives. I want my stupid songs to be a part of their soundtrack. They’ve given me so much love and encouragement as I’ve grown as an artist… I owe them my career… and this is a way to say thanks. I also hope it brings in TONS of new fans and friends. This project will only succeed by the word of mouth of everyone that picks it up for free. Phone calls, texts, emails, Facebook and Twitter blasts… I need them to share one on one and just let people know how exciting and fresh and awesome this project is. It’s the most enjoyable sounding rap record I’ve ever heard and I’m thankful I got to be the oe who made it!”