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Powerglove Remix Contest

My netlabel GameChops is hosting it’s first remix contest for Powerglove, the tune Benjamin Briggs and I did together. Here’s your chance to take this brand new track and edit, change, mix and wreck it in whichever way you see fit! Are you an audio nerd who just likes listening to stems? [I am, had to ask :] Well they’re free, so head over to GameChops, download the stems and start remixing!

We took a sample from the Nintendo game Mig 29 Soviet Fighter and transformed it into a dirty, loud, electrohouse track! Featuring samples from the movie The Wizard, this tune is so good it can only be described as “so bad.” Have a listen:

Ready to make this track your own at a chance to win a release on GameChops? Head over to the Remix Stems page, download and get to mixing! Submission deadline is June 25th!

Smiletron Saves the World with New EP [ FORWARD ]

Smiletron - ForwardOn Saturday, May 21st, The Rapture failed to take the lives of all humans on earth. There are a number of theories on why Harold Camping’s evangelical nutjobbery was nothing more than internet hubub, but I’d like to credit the hard work and dedication of chipmusician Smiletron.

Smiletron’s new EP, Forward is a progressive 5-Track EP which takes us on a journy through an evolving soundscape through high energy chiptune music and etherial, moving moods. From a production standpoint, Smiletron has stood tall with some of the best-sounding Chipmusic available, and FORWARD is no change. The EP is offered for free through Smiletron.org.

SMILETRON – FORWARD – 2011 by smiletron

Electrochip “Elements” by Superspink

Superspink: Elements
While fumbling around for hours setting up the Dj CUTMAN MySpace, I ran across Superspink’s MySpace. I had heard a collab with Rhodo4 on 8bitcollective, so I was excited to hear what Superspink brought on their own. I was instantly drawn to the sweet anime-style art on Superspink’s page. That allure was quickly overshadowed by the Superspink’s high-energy, electro chippish music with a lot of atmosphere and great production. Better yet, Superspink offers two 5-track albums for free download. Very cool.