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Ralfington – Mimikyu’s Song (Pokemon Sun and Moon Remix)

Ralfington, a remix artist who uses everything from his Nintendo 3DS to FL Studio, has produced a hip-hop remix of Mimikyu’s song from Pokemon Sun and Moon, mastered by Dj CUTMAN!

“Following the release of “Mimikyu’s Song,” fans have come to adore Mimikyu even more. One person who commented on Tobias’s translated YouTube video said, “New rule: Whenever you see a Mimikyu, you have to catch it. No exceptions.” Another person said, “I don’t care if [Mimikyu] has base stats of 5 all around, it’s going on my team.” (Via Nintendo News)

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Music Stuff: Digital Audio Workstations

The Digital Audio Work Station is the core application for music producers and sound engineers. This is where you build songs, master them and do everything in between. Most of us can’t afford all of them, so this article will help you make some decisions on which ones work best for you.



cubasePrice: $249.00

Trial: 30-day free, no restrictions.





Pros: Feels like Pro Tools and Logic pro. Very user-friendly and intuitive interface. Works great with most VSTs and third-party plugins. Scales well, meaning it can use SSD drives, load massive samples and other high-end things like that.


Cons: Cubase is a little dated, sometimes you’ll find it lacking in some newer features. Real exotic VSTs sometimes are not compatable as well. It’s also quite pricy if you want the version that comes with everything you need.


Cubbase has been around a long time and expanded from an Atari tracker released in 1989 up to a full blown digital audio workstation. It’s great for recording stuff live, running VSTis and is an overal stable and familiar environment.

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