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Animal Crossing tribute album: K.K. & Friends

KK & FriendsK.K. & Friends: The new remix album from GameChops remixers Ben Briggs and ectogemia.

Video game remixers Benjamin Briggs and ectogemia have produced a nine track remix album in honor of the new Animal Crossing game. It is now available from GameChops, the Philadelphia-based record label specializing in licensed video game remixes.

Download the album from GameChops.com!

Animal Crossing, the beloved video game franchise from Nintendo is getting its first full-length remix treatment be remixers Ben Briggs and ectogemia. The new album K.K. and Friends is their first collaboration, and is professionally mastered and released by GameChops.

Animal Crossing featured a unique approach to its music; depending on what time you played the game different tunes would play. K.K. and Friends contains nine cover songs found in the Animal Crossing series, organized by the time of day they’re presented in the game. Starting with an upbeat “Bright and Early”, taking us through “Rush Hour,” a “Rainy Day,” finally settling with the mellow, “Moonlit Memories.” The progressive arrangement and polished mixing makes it clear that Ben Briggs and ectogemia are two promising young musicians in the vibrant video game remix scene.

The album runs over a half an hour long, and is currently available for pre-order from KKandFriends.com. The album releases on June 9th, the same day as Nintendo’s newest game in the Animal Crossing series, New Leaf.

GameChops is the first record label to specialize in electronic video game remixes with high production quality and licensing.

Download the album now – GameChops

To download this press release as a txt file, click here.

Ben Briggs – Aquarium Park

I’m pleased to announce two new tracks from GameChops artist Benjamin Briggs. The Diddy Kong Racing champ turns his focus to Sonic the Hedgehog, creating unique remixes that blend multiple sonic tunes together. Both draw inspiration from Aquarium Park from Sonic Colors.

The first track, Trash FM, combines Aquarium Park from Sonic Colors with Hydrocity from Sonic The Hedgehog 3. The result is an electro-house banger unlike Sonic fans have ever heard! The second takes the same Aquarium Park theme and puts a dub spin on it, combining it with Rusty Ruin from Sonic 3D Blast.

These two tracks are part of an ongoing initiative by the team at GameChops to provide legally licensed video game remixes. San Francisco based company Joypad Records has been instrumental in obtaining compulsory licenses from Sega, as well as license from Nintendo for last month’s Triforce of Bass.

Follow Benjamin Briggs on Twitter, Soundcloud, and Facebook. Find more of his music on Bandcamp.

Earthbound Tunes!

Hey I’ve got some YouTube videos for you! First is a brand new GameChop put together early this morning, as requested, a tough-as-nails remix of the goofy-ass Mr. Saturn theme song. It’s fun and a half! I’m sorry…. and you’re welcome.

Next up is a pretty dope track by the Famous Rock Candy collab! Check it, and if you like, download the album!

So can you tell I’ve been playing Earthbound lately? Originally known as Mother 2 in Japan, Earthbound is a RPG for the SNES that’s surprisingly humorous and self-referentially for the time it was released. I really like AUTO-WINNING battles if your level is high enough. Really cuts through the fat of level grinding (and my life) Lets end this post with my first Earthbound GameChop: