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New Singles from Anamanaguchi

Haven’t posted some music in a while, so here are two new singles from Chiptune power-band Anamanaguchi. Don’t read, listen:

My Skateboard Will Go On
[audio: Anamanagucci_My_Skateboard_Will_Go_On.mp3]

and a remix of Das Racist
[audio: Anamanagucci_R4INBOW_IN_THE_D4RK.mp3]

UPDATE: Just found an Anamanaguchi song in the trailer for the Scott Pilgrim game! Turns out the band has been commissioned to compose the soundtrack for the game! Very cool, check it

A Classical Rendition of Mario Gangsterness

This shit is gangster in a whole new degree. I want to make up a word like classical-gangster but classical music is actually a time period not a style of music, so it wouldn’t really be an accurate portmanteau. A portmanteau is like a Mash-Up with words. Woah, knowledge dropping outta nowhere. Enough talk. Here’s the vid.

Gangsariocal. There I did it. Thanks to Chance Fisher for the link.

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