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The Belly of the Beast: Inside the Game Boy

Are you kept awake at night trying to imagine the inside of a Game Boy? Are you ridiculed by your friends for not knowing what 8-bit actually means? Rest easy, buckos. This video by JackTech dives into the heart of the Game Boy. Envelop yourself in its majesty and find out exactly what makes this revolutionary handheld system tick.

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Trey Frey – Drift [Review]

Get ready to rip that E-Brake and counter steer into Trey Frey’s Chiptune Future Bass single, Drift.

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JavaScript GameBoy Color

Rare is a website this cool. The JavaScript GameBoy Color Game Center is a web-based GBC emulator that hosts a handful of awesome GameBoy Color Games and requires no download to play. Using HTML5 and JIT engines this site offers a desktop-like emulation experience right inside your browser window. It even includes the LSDj demo, for browser-based chiptuning. Awesome.

The JavaScript GameBoy Color Game Center

Awesome Gameboy Mods

This is a Nintendo Gameboy, the weapon of choice for most Chiptuners. The 1989 device (model DMG-001) is hailed for the nostalgic feel and tone of it’s sound. Sometimes people modify these gameboys, to make them much, much doper. YouTube will tell us more.

And this guy just owns it: