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Protostar Remixed Sonic and it’s Mind-Blowing

Thanks to writing for VideoGameDJ, I’ve embarked on a personal mission to seek out as many video game remixes and chiptunes as I can, and share them with you. I’m usually interested in examples that aren’t very well-known, but with tens of thousands of followers and a presence on Monstercat, England-based EDM musician Protostar isn’t exactly “underground”. However,  when I noticed he’s laid his skilled hands on Sonic the Hedgehog, I decided that I would be remiss if I didn’t share it with you. Seriously, just listen to this Chemical Plant Zone remix! Hot damn!

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MyLifeIsPixels – Robotic Uprising

Chicago based MyLifeIsPixels brings us a free EP of chiptunes today. Robotic Uprising is a varied and expressive release with twelve tracks, ranging from peaceful 8-bit to dirty chipdub. Using FL Studio and Plogue’s Chipsounds, MyLifeIsPixels has crafted a unique and diverse album worth repeated listens. Check it out and download it for free from Bandcamp or Soundcloud!

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