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New Chiptune Album Plays on Sega CD ( NOTE! – Color Mechanica )

Note! - Color Mechanica Chiptune Album plays on Sega CDYou got to hand it to the innovative nature of chiptune musicians to continue to create new, awesome (and sometimes weird) ways to play  their music.

NOTE! from New York City has created a new chiptune album that will play back on a Sega CD console.  If you’re having trouble locating your old console, you can download Color Mechanica on Bandcamp, and the recordings sound awesome. The truly devoted can pick up the old sega console on ebay for between $50-$100 to get the true chipmusic experience.

Check out the trailer video below of the features included in the Sega CD version. Sweet visuals!

Stream the entire album via Bandcamp, and remember to support your local chipmusician!