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Je M’appelle – Motion

Je M’appelle brings us some bitpop to brighten our days. Chippy leads, chopped up vocals, and full backing tracks culminate to an EP that just makes you want to move. Motion is available as a free download from Bandcamp.

Je M’appelle – FATE

Chip musician Je M’appelle released a new EP this weekend, entitled FATE. This five track album includes a special track zero (“0 ~ FATE”) which is a mix of all the albums track in one progressive piece. Download the music here.

Show your support for Je M’appelle by commenting on the release thread on 8bitcollective.

Ahead by Je Mappelle

ChipTuesday: Je M’appelle – TOGETHER

New track from the iconless Je M’appelle, this is song is one of my favorites. It takes a dubstep kind of sound and mangles it into something atmosphereic and fun, while still carrying that air of epicness that I love so much about dubstep. The track is called TOGETHER, and you should listen to it.