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The Legend of High School (in the 80s)

Anamanaguchi retweeted this youtube video today and I had to post it. It’s a wonderfully acurate fake movie trailer for what The Legend of Zelda would be if it was an 80’s teen movie. Watch:

This crew are also the guys who did the God Of War Indie Movie. Nice work!

vNES – Free, Open Source, Online Nintendo

vNES: Virtual Nintendo Entertainment SystemI’ve got to say I think this is the most significant thing on VideoGameDJ so far, and it’s called vNES (short for Virtual Nintendo Entertainment System.) Written by Jamie Sanders under the Open Emulation Project, vNES is a Java powered website where you can play all your favorite NES games, from Zelda to Mario to Megaman, right in your web browser! No downloads, no installs, yes fun time distractions forever. I haven’t posted this since I discovered it on Thursday because everytime I open firefox it’s what happens. So what are you waiting for?
Play vNES!