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Sonic in Moscow

The credit music for Sonic 3 and Michael Jackson’s Stranger In Moscow have long been compared to each other. Before MJ’s death, the similarity between these two songs was regarded as conspiracy theory. Recently, information and interviews have been rising to the surface that support this story; Michael Jackson wrote music for Sonic 3.

Unfortunately, Michael Jackson was uncredited for his work. Due to a number of factors, Sega decided to remove his name from their flagship title shortly before release. However, there wasn’t enough time to write new music to replace MJ’s pieces, so the original Genesis carts shipped with Michael’s awesome tunes.

When I learned about this, I immediately went searching for what the Sonic music would sound like with MJ’s vocals. I found a surprising number of “mashups”, but they were kind of weird, muddy, or out-of-sync. So I made this remix, up to the standards of a recording engineer. I’m happy to hear the vibe of both pieces seems to have been preserved.

All samples are from the Sega Genesis release of Sonic The Hedgehog 3 and the vocal track from Michael Jackson’s Stranger in Moscow. I discovered through compression, I was able to bring out the other instruments that were playing through Michael’s headphones during the recording session. Really amazing stuff.

I had a great time working on this mix. Please favorite, comment and share this post with any Sonic, MJ or Chiptune fan. If you’d like to support, add me on Facebook – http://fb.me/djcutman

Sonic in Moscow (Michael Jackson’s Chiptune) by Dj CUTMAN

Mastered by Chris Davidson at Moving Box Studios – 3/15/11

Mixer Productions

It’s about time I featured MIXER PRODUCTIONS. Based in the UK, MIXERPROD is a mash-up artist that I’ve been spinning for a few months now. This guy’s Soundcloud is like a library of shit I love, well produced mashups of pop, hip hop and r&b with video game and pop-culture instrumental tracks. Like Tae K, MixerProd represents hard and delivers a ton of songs. Here’s a few choice tracks:

Craig David vs Streets of Rage – 7 Days of Rage by MixerProductions

Will Smith vs Streets of Rage – The Last Men In Black by MixerProductions

Michael Jackson vs Sonic – Dark Fortress Rock by MixerProductions