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Tae K Remix: Star Fox 64 TKRMX

I’m proud to present to you the newest video game mash-up / remix album by the mastermind Tae K: Star Fox 64 TKRMX

If you’re not familiar with Tae K, you can read up on his work, if you’ve been to a Dj CUTMAN show and heard hip-hop acapellas over megaman and arcade music, then you’ve heard Tae K.

His newest mixtape takes the soundtrack from Star Fox 64 and mixes it with artists like Kanye, Notorious BIG, and Jaz-Z. Check the full tracklist below and head over to TKRMX to download.

Mission Accomplished by TKRMX

01 Prologue [kanye west – power]
02 Opening [drake – over]
03 Incoming [birdman – money to blow ft. drake and lil wayne]
04 Sector X [dmx – no love for me ft. drag-on]
05 Star Wolf [notorious BIG – dead wrong]
06 Titania Macbeth [jay-z – izzo]
07 Bolse [t.i. – top back]
08 Mission Accomplished [dj khaled – all i do is win ft. t-pain, ludacris, rick ross, snoop dogg]
09 Andross’ Brain [gucci mane – freaky girl remix ft. ludacris]
10 Title Screen [P$C – i’m a king remix ft. t.i. & lil scrappy]


ChipTuneMusic Vol. 2: DUBTROPOLIS

Dj CUTMAN has released ChipTuneMusic Volume II: Dubtropolis. Defined by undeniable warbles, melodic chiptunes, and driving 8-bit drums, Dubtropolis is a 54 minute aural journey. Mixing tracks from fifteen of the world’s top Chiptune artists, Dj CUTMAN crafts the soundscape of a dystopian world set in the year 20XX. Guest DJ Doctor Z throws down with his signature underground dub. As always offered as a free download from SoundCloud.com.

Radio ScotVoid – Chip Tune Megamix

Radio ScotVoid, Boston8Bit’s resident chiptune DJ has just released “The Chiptune Megamix,” highlights include:

Fighter X – Xtra Life
Henry Homesweet – I Love You
Rainbow Jump Orchestra – Muffins

Scott opens up Boston8Bit’s events, you can see him live by checking out B8b’s upcoming shows page, and you can check out Radio ScotVoid’s releases at his website, radioscotvoid.com.

Good News, Everyone!

Good news, everyone!
Sounds From 20XX has been re-re-remastered and now sounds better than ever. I took all my crazy stereo-imaging and multiband compression off that jazz and let the Chips play through the way the artists intended. I don’t know why I was screwin’ with all that stuff (i think because it made it sound hype)

More news, nobody! There’s also a real, live, not-on-soundcloud MP3 for your download pleasure. 320kbps so you know it’s good.
Download: Sounds From 20XX