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DJ Sega remixing the angry birds theme. A funny remix off of MadDecent‘s blog.

[audio: DJSega-AngryBirdsRemix.mp3]
Download DJSega-AngryBirdsRemix.mp3 (right click, Save As…)

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MegaMan Music on Sega SoundChip

I’ll admit, I had heard of The Wily Wars but I had never played it, in fact I had no idea what it was. Turns out The Wily Wars was a game for the Sega Mega Drive (aka Genesis) in 1994 that comprised of ported versions of MegaMan 1, 2 and 3, originally for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

[audio: rm2-01-prologueandtitletheme.mp3]

What’s totally rad about this game, is all the music is re-done to play on Sega’s hardware. What that means for turbo geeks out there, if you’re into that crunch, crisp, punchy FM Synth sound, the Soundtrack for The Wily Wars has remakes of all of the MegaMan music from the first three games. Some are better than others, and some total kick ass.

The MegaMan Network has the soundtrack up as a free download! totally awesome!

And you know I had to post the CUTMAN theme >B] [audio: rm1-03-cutmanstage.mp3]


The Best of Pokémon Music

TokyHipster posted this awesome collection, 2 Best Of music albums for the Pokémon series, for direct download. Awesome.

Collection 1 [88 tracks on 2 CDs]

Collection 2 [123 tracks on 2 CDs]

Tokyo Hipster credits xSHiNOx and Midori Ken for providing the files to everyone.

Want a Ton of Video Game Music?

Long coveted secret website of mine KHInsider offers a sh*t ton of video game sounds all for free download. Everything from Armored Core to Zelda 2, all as awesomely cataloged MP3 downloads. In the past I had hidden this site, kept it as a secret bookmark so no one would know the source of my power… but today after waking up to the Zelda II: Adventure of Link town music and having to listen to the entire soundtrack, I knew I had to share this amazing website with the world.


Enjoy! downloads.KHInsider.com