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The World Could Always Use More Heroes (Curly Orchestral EDM Remix)

It seems like everyone we know is playing Overwatch! If you aren’t spending hours a day playing it, then you’ve probably seen your friends play it, read about it on social media, or have seen it all over YouTube. With all of that said, GameChops is excited to present our first Overwatch remix–The World Could Always Use More Heroes by Curly.


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Awesome Fan Art Commemorates Splatoon’s First Anniversary

On May 28, 2015, Nintendo Released Splatoon, a cartoonish third-person shooter that lets the player control a human/squid hybrid and duke it out in multiplayer by splatting each other with ink. Nintendo’s unexpected smashing success was met with immediate praise and adoration. Fans everywhere Continue reading Awesome Fan Art Commemorates Splatoon’s First Anniversary

NEStalgia: 8-bit MMORPG

Can I dub this the coolest thing to happen to the MMORPG world since scantily clad cosplayers? NEStalgia is an free Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (yup I typed it all out) in the style of the old school 8 bit Final Fantasy and Shining Force games. It’s cool as shit! Except it appears to be only for windows :[[ Guess I’m going to have to keep playing Earthbound and Startropics FOREVER.

vNES – Free, Open Source, Online Nintendo

vNES: Virtual Nintendo Entertainment SystemI’ve got to say I think this is the most significant thing on VideoGameDJ so far, and it’s called vNES (short for Virtual Nintendo Entertainment System.) Written by Jamie Sanders under the Open Emulation Project, vNES is a Java powered website where you can play all your favorite NES games, from Zelda to Mario to Megaman, right in your web browser! No downloads, no installs, yes fun time distractions forever. I haven’t posted this since I discovered it on Thursday because everytime I open firefox it’s what happens. So what are you waiting for?
Play vNES!