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NYC Filmmakers 2Player Productions have spent the last three years documenting the underground Chiptune community, culminating in the release of their feature-length DVD, REFORMAT THE PLANET. Lots of great looking footage from BlipFest. I’m not even going to front like I know a lot about this project, I just stumbled upon the trailer and got so excited I needed to make a post. Not a want, a need to post on my blog. For more (actual) information, visit this post on motherboard by Zen_Albatross, or just watch the trailer:


AVAILABLE on DVD August 24th, 2010


..::Official Selection::..
-South by Southwest Film Festival 08 (world premiere)
-Melbourne International Film Festival 08
-Penny Arcade Expo 08
-International Amsterdam Film Festival 08
-CPH:DOX Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival 08
-Montreal Pop Festival ’09
-Fantastic Fest ’10
REFORMAT THE PLANET is a feature length documentary which delves into the movement known as chip tunes, a vibrant underground scene based around creating new, original music using old video game hardware. Familiar devices such as the Nintendo Game Boy and Nintendo Entertainment System are pushed in new directions with startling results.

Using New York as a microcosm for a larger global movement, “Reformat the Planet” maps out the genesis of the first annual Blip Festival, a four day celebration of over 30 international artists exploring the untapped potential of low-bit video game consoles. With floor-stomping rhythms and fist-waving melodies, trailblazers of the chip tune idiom descend upon Manhattan to pen a new chapter in the history of electronic music.

The trailer features music by Nullsleep (“Salvation for a Broken Heart”, “On Target”), Martin Galway (“The Neverending Story”), and Random (“Micawber’s Moan”), all composed on classic video game consoles.