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Bknapp – SNES Beats [ Review ]

Illinois beatmaker, Bknapp, brings us the third installment of his video game remix series, SNES Beats. SNES Beats Vol. 3 was created by sampling tracks from games on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, or SNES, and combining them with hip-hop style beats.

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Perelandra Records – Tide

Netlabel Perelandra Records has released a free compilation of Chiptune fusion music, taking electronic and chip elements and mixing them with organic instruments, vocals, and other soundscapes. The album features tracks from downtempo to jazz to alt rock electronic; Tide is a diverse pallet of sounds to fit your fancy. A personal favorite of mine is the track Famicom Blues by Positive Infinity, a funky tune with clean electric guitar, chiptune arpeggios and a soaring square lead. Beautiful!

Perelandra Records is also home to Daniel Capo, the artist who’s album OST we covered back in May.

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Nophi Records – 99 Problems (But a Chip Ain’t One)

New release from Atlanta based Nophi Records are 13 bumping chiptune tracks from a slew of 8bit talent, including An0va, Bubblyfish, Cheap Dinosaurs and even a track from myself :] The album is available right now from Bandcamp.

RushJet1 – Forgotten Music

RushJet1 is one of my favorite Chiptune artists. Recently, Ubiktune released Forgotten Music. The album combines the old, the new, and the forgotten music from RushJet1’s past into one album. Several songs have been unfinished for years and have been given a proper ending, while others are re-imaginings of older songs.

“Enjoy listening through these. I know I enjoyed writing them!” — RushJet1.