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Composer for Street Fighter X MegaMan A_Rival has just released his full-length album TRUTHCANNON. This ten track chiptune / electrohouse album is concentrated was EDM bangers.

Track after track hit hard with polished production and inventive sound design. Tracks like Phoenix and OMF speak more to A_Rival’s chiptune influence and experience with game music, while tracks like DEAD are gritty and vicious dance music, with haunting melodies and screaming synth-work.

Three remixes push the album to 13 tracks, including GameChops artist bLiNd and chiptune legend Trash80.

For only $5, TRUTHCANNON is definitely worth picking up.

A_Rival: Break Ya Neck 2012

ChipHop pioneer A_Rival has remixed his own track, this time bringing a heaping helping of electro and dubstep influences into his 8-bit cover of Busta Rhymes classic track.

The track is available from Bandcamp at the ever-awesome “Name Your Own Price”

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