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David Hayter reprises MGS role in Ford commercial

Remember those long codec calls with Colonel Campbell in the original Metal Gear Solid? Or the forever awesome fight with Psycho Mantis? How could you not?! Well for all the MGS fans, Ford’s newest commercials pay tribute to those wonderful moments.

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Benjamin Briggs – Snake Man vs The World

Described as an “Mega Man music orgy festival,” producer and composer Benjamin Briggs brings us a four track EP of snake-like proportions. Woah, that reads weird.

Ben Briggs, who I remixed about a month back, is an awesome dude with boundless talent. With production chops and musical ingenuity, Ben Briggs weaves a engaging, exciting, and downright fun soundscape in each of his tracks.

He writes: Four Mega Man remixes, as byproducts of DarkeSword’s awesome Wily Castle Remix Gauntlet, a weekly team-based song-combining competition. It includes, in order, all four of my tracks that were submitted as entries in the Gauntlet. My character theme was Snake Man throughout the competition, so each song includes his theme, and a damn good theme it is.

Damn right. The album is available for free via Bandcamp with an option to donate via paypal. Follow Ben Briggs on Twitter, Facebook, and Soundcloud.