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Rom Hack Roundup: SNES Fan-translated Platformers

This week’s Rom Hack Roundup covers several great platformers for the SNES that have been fan-translated to English. Platformers are an iconic part of gaming history. Like other genres, there are some excellent late-life-cycle SNES platformers that only came out in Japan. Now, you can just follow our trusty Rom patching utility and play these awesome games in English.

Front Mission: Gun Hazard


Developer: Squaresoft
Released: 1996
Try If You Like: Metal Warriors, Cybernator,   Assault Suits Valken

Squaresoft’s spiritual successor of Assault Suits Valken,  Cybernator and Metal Warriors has a complex plot set in the year  2064 where a secret organization called The Society manipulates global politics. You take the role of the president’s bodyguard. It plays like a classic mech-warrior platformer but with heavier story elements and plot. The graphics are excellent and tight controls make it a load of fun to fly around in a giant robot suit. The soundtrack is created by the same duo who composed the amazing Chrono Trigger soundtrack. It’s definitely an underrated soundtrack you should add to your collection.

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Rom Hack Roundup: SNES Fan-translated English RPGs Part I

If you enjoy the classic SNES console RPGs, there’s an amazing world of fan-translated Japanese classics you can try out thanks to the hard working fans who took the time to painstakingly translate and craft ROM patches that let you enjoy them in English. Here’s our first in a long list of games to try out. This week we focus on Square, who churned out beautiful games in the 90’s for the Super Famicom and really set the bar high for atmospheric and long-play RPGs.


While some of these games have since been translated and released on other systems, there’s nothing quite like playing the SNES originals. See our previous article on how to set up the software you need to patch. It literally only takes a few minutes to do it for each game. Read on to find hours of epic immersion.

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