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Mettaton vs. Frisk (Animatic)

Haven’t had enough Undertale yet? Neither have we! Watch this awesome animated interpreation of the Mettaton-EX fight by WalkingMelonsAAA

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12 Days of MAGfest: Chipzel

Chipzel will be appearing at MAGfest, whipping up a whirlwind of chiptune MAGnificence. ChipzelĀ (Niamh Houston) is well known for composing the soundtrack to Super Hexagon, an indie action-twitch game made by Terry Cavanagh. Hailing from Norhern Ireland, Chipzel is currently based in London and is an active part of the London Chiptune scene. Continue reading 12 Days of MAGfest: Chipzel

Mykah – Bass Dragoon

Mykah, long time member of the Gamechops family, finally released his bombastic, colossal album: Bass Dragoon. This album has been in the works for 9 years, facing many revisions and hiatuses. The album remixes the music of Panzer Dragoon Saga on the Sega Saturn.

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James Landino – Wave Racer 1080 [Review]

Grab your jet ski and follow that dolphin with James Landino’s latest single off of StrobeNetwork Records, Wave Racer 1080.

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