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Inverse Phase – Super Smash Land OST

Inverse Phase brings us the 100% official soundtrack for the 100% unofficial Super Smash Land, a PC demake of Super Smash Brothers with a Game Boy aesthetic. Get 100% of the game, 100% for free on Bandcamp.

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Android Game: Hyperactive Ninja

Droid developers Ninja Coders recented released an awesome, retro style game known as Hyperactive Ninja. 8-bit graphics, chiptune soundtrack, and a smart control system, you can’t go wrong! The first four levels of the game are free, the rest you can buy for a super reasonable price. Available on the Android Market. One of the game’s composers is none other than chiptune duo BR1GHT PR1MATE! Want more info? ThisGreenMachine.com has a great interview with the developers.