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A_Rival and GameChops new Street Fighter Album

HeadBangers is due out this friday, March 25th. The first collaboration from the award-winning music producer A_Rival, best known for his soundtrack to Crypt of The Necrodancer. A_Rival is also a competitive fighting game player, so it seems appropriate his first release on video game dance music label GameChops would be a tribute to the classic themes from Street Fighter. Check out the trailer.
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Composer for Street Fighter X MegaMan A_Rival has just released his full-length album TRUTHCANNON. This ten track chiptune / electrohouse album is concentrated was EDM bangers.

Track after track hit hard with polished production and inventive sound design. Tracks like Phoenix and OMF speak more to A_Rival’s chiptune influence and experience with game music, while tracks like DEAD are gritty and vicious dance music, with haunting melodies and screaming synth-work.

Three remixes push the album to 13 tracks, including GameChops artist bLiNd and chiptune legend Trash80.

For only $5, TRUTHCANNON is definitely worth picking up.

Street Fighter X Mega Man is out today (+Download Mirror!)

Street Fighter X MegamanOn his 25th anniversary Mega Man had no robot masters to defeat, so he’s decided to go after characters from Street Fighter! Originally a fan game and now officially sanctioned by Capcom, Street Fighter X Mega Man is a free PC game and is available now from Capcom Unity.

Many people complain about the slow download times from Capcom Unity, but I’ve tracked down a mirror that is much faster. Grab the game now! http://www.mediafire.com/?w66z66h65r9bb79

Street Fighter Video ATTACK!

I found this video linked up by Twitter user cypherus today, a new short film inspired by an iconic video game, this one titled Street Fighter: Legacy

And what super rad fan film would be complete without a short and sweet behind the scenes?

And then YouTube told me this was sweet and it sure is.