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DDRKirby(ISQ) – The Ecstasy of Life [Interview]

Long time chiptune artist, DDRKirby(ISQ) gives us his first full album: The Ecstasy of Life. This massive 21-track album is packed with delightful chiptune dance hits and lush, introspective  and features remixes by Flexstyle, WillRock, johnfn, dekune, and EL. Continue reading DDRKirby(ISQ) РThe Ecstasy of Life [Interview]

Tal Tal Heights Remix Roundup

I posted this video on my tumblr, and it inspired me to seek out other versions of this track. AND I FOUND SOME :D
NOTE: You can download all these remixes for free at Overclocked Remix by clicking the title of the track above each video.

Benjamin Briggs – ‘Climb My Mountain, This High’

Zircon – ‘Clash at the Mountains’

Will Rock – ‘Mountain of Dreams’