VLAD II: Castlevania Remix EP by Joshua Morse and Danimal Cannon

Joshua Morse returns to GameChops with a direct sequel to his 2013 smash hit Castlevania album VLAD. The original VLAD hit #1 on the Bandcamp All-Genres chart for October 2013. VLAD II seeks to pick up where the original EP left off, with four new jazz-inspired EDM bangers. VLAD II features guitarist Danimal Cannon on tracks 3 and 4, Dan is best known for his work with Armcannon and Metroid Metal. Listen to trracks from VLAD II and VLAD below:

GameChops is a record label focused on releasing the highest quality video game remixes the world has ever heard. VLAD II definitely follows this mission, bringing a new edge to classic tracks from Castlevania, Dracula’s Curse, and Symphony of the Night.

While two years have passed since Morse released the original VLAD, he doesn’t miss a beat with the new edition. Download VLAD II from Loudr right now, while the release makes its way to iTunes, Spotify and other stores. For more information, visit GameChops.

VLAD II Castlevania Remixes by GameChops and Joshua Morse

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