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Weekly Roundup: Tokyo Elvis – Re-Tail, Sega Things (Stranger Things Remix)

Tokyo Elvis, a vocaloid and video game music producer from Orlando releases an EP of Animal Crossing Remixes, Re-Tail. This 4 track EP includes a remix of Able Sisters by Grimecraft.

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GameChops Spotlight: Inverse Phase – Sega Things (Stranger Things Theme Music Remix)

Weekly Roundup: Dark Souls 3 and GameChops Spotlight

We have our first Dark Souls remix and it comes from Dark Souls 3! Chjolo produced this dark progressive dubstep with electric guitar and the video game acapella of Smooth McGroove. Funipz did a bang up job on the video, so make sure you give it a watch!

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This track is from Smooth McGroove Remixed 2 the 14 track licensed remix follow-up to Smooth McGroove Remixed, featuring the vocals of Smooth McGroove. The album features remixes of songs from Undertale, Castlevania, Pokemon Red and Blue, Mega Man 2 and more. You can check out the first volume of remixes here.

GameChops Spotlights from this week: Six Feet Thunder – A_Rival (Crypt of the Necrodancer AMPLIFIED) and Rhythmortis (Lobby Remix) – Chipzel (Crypt of the Necrodancer)

Weekly Roundup: Wisdom, Flash Man VIP, CG5 Alola, Megalavania

For the last week of 2016 we have a special remix of Zelda’s Lullaby from Ocarina of Time by Will & Tim Ephixa. This is the third Zelda remix in our LINK TO THE FUTURE series, check out the other pieces of the Triforce below.

Courage (James Landino) ► Power (Dj CUTMAN / Team Banzai)

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A huge upgrade to James Landino’s “Flash Man” remix from this summer, this VIP mix is enhanced, all thanks to our friends at LootCrate! Use our link for 10% off!

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Trap producer CG5 has just released his debut EP, “Alola”, a remix tribute to the Pokemon series, featuring music from Pokemon Sun / Moon, Red / Blue, and Diamond / Pearl! This track features production by CG5 & Nenorama. Download the album here!


Master of styles Flexstyle returns to GameChops with a remix of the hit Undertale theme, Megalovania, in an icy chill trip hop / glitch hop style, featuring Sans art by TsaoShin.

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Weekly Roundup: Megalovania, Malie City, Juri & TWIC Spotlight

Fan favorite Tenkitsune is back with a Future House remix of Undertale / Toby Fox’s iconic theme, Megalovania!

“Composed by the musician and video game developer Toby “Radiation” Fox, featured on Toby’s Earthbound hack and the webcomic series Homestuck, experiencied a rise of popularity after the release of the RPG Undertale in September 2015, inspiring remixes and mash-ups.

First included on the soundtrack to the Earthbound hack Earthbound Halloween Hack, released in 2009, and played during the final boss fight against Dr. Andonuts. The song was later included on the soundtrack to the webcomic Homestuck, first used on the flash animation Wake and was included on its 6th soundtrack release, released in 2011.” (Via KYM)

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Pop princess Baroqueen teams up with Grimecraft for this chill trap remix of Pokemon Sun and Moon’s theme, Malie City!

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A_Rival, legendary producer and FGC DJ returns to GameChops with his electro techno trap remix of Juri’s Theme from Street Fighter IV and V!

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Chiptune Spotlights from this week: Ackatos – Wing Ding Remix (Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze)