12 Days of MAGFest: Eight Bit Disaster

Happy MAGFest, geeks! We’re so stoked about this year’s Music and Gaming Festival and to get you hype, we’re going to feature some of the can’t-miss musicians, artists and guests for the next two weeks. If there’s anyone you think needs to be featured (including yourself, don’t be shy!) drop me a line in the comments or on Twitter.

To kick it off, let’s check out Eight Bit Disaster. Five dudes hailing from North Carolina who describe themselves as “high energy, funk rock video game tribute band.” Their sound is funky and tight, with a lot of ska and blues influence. The jazzy horns section and tight drums energize and re-imagine the video game soundtracks that played in the background of your childhood.

I particularly liked their track “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride”, which you might remember from Battletoads. The funky guitar really comes through on that track. They re-imagine old school video game into danceable tunes.

8BD is planning on releasing a new album for MAGFest and from what we’re heard, it’s super chill. The guys re-imagined the classic, haunting Morrowind soundtrack in their signature, space-age jazz style. You can check out a sample of the new album on Bandcamp. Don’t miss these guys at MAGFest!

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